Frequently Asked Questions

Are all services mobile?

- Yes, we are a full service mobile beauty team. Our Makeup Artist, Nail Tech, or Hair Stylist will set up at your home, office, suite, or venue. For rental equipment, one of our professionals will come and set up for your event or we can express them by mail. 


How to prepare for my appointment? 

- Our professionals will arrive 5-10 minutes to your appointment. To expedite your appointment we ask that your face is cleansed and hair is clean. If your hair is not dried an extra charge will be applied. If we are coming to deliver items to a venue, someone must be there when we arrive. 


How long is my appointment? 

-Each professional is trained to complete each session within 45 minutes. But we allow 60 min for each appointment. If our professionals are setting up or decorating for your event we usually allow 2 hours to complete. 


What if I am running late for my appointment?

-Usually our clients are not running behind because we are traveling to them. But if something comes up we allow a 15 minute grace period. If the appointment is delayed pass 15 minutes, and we are able to stay, you will be charged. The late fee is $35 every half hour. We will let you know and your card on file will be charged. 

If you are running late please let us know. We will see if we are able to accomadate for your schedule. We understand that things happen. 


I need to cancel, what is the refund policy?

-Any cancellations before 72 hrs will be charged $25 as a cancellation fee. $25 will be subtracted from the amount paid. You will be refunded your funds within 3 to 7 business days. Once we process the funds you will receive an email.If it is after 72 hr your money will not be refunded. You may move your date if we have availability. Appointment locations may not change without approval. 


Are we able to tip the professionals?

-You are not required to tip! If you really enjoyed the service and you want to tip, you may. Again, if is not a requirement. 


What if I have pets?

-If we are coming to service you please put away any pets or animals. This protects the professional from any allergies and sanitation.


What is Luxury Event Styling?


Do you custom make event pieces?


What if something breaks 





How long can I keep the rental equipment?

-We usually will come and set the rental items up for you. If we expressed the items to you, you have 3 business days from the day of the event to return the equipment. If you are running behind ..... just let us know. If you do not return the equipment after 4 business days you will be charged a late fee of $50 each day. If you do not return the equipment you will be charged based on the amount that we paid for them.