Frequently Asked Question's


  • Where is your company based out of?  

We are based out of Atlanta, Georgia. 

  • Do your company travel?

Yes, We will travel where ever your wedding or event is located. Travel fees may apply. Fee depends on your location.

  • What is your methods of payment?

We will accept PayPal payments, cash, and major credit cards. We make it extremely easy to book majority of our services here on the website. We will only accept checks if you book more than 30 days prior to your date and if you are in the state of Georgia.

  • Is there a security deposit required at booking?

Yes, there is a deposit that is required at the time of booking, It is 50% of your package total. At the time of paying, there is a discount code which take 50% off each package. The code is (MYDEPOSIT)

  • When we book wait staff and servers what is included?

Our Servers & Host will come equipped with Serving Trays, Pitchers, Cleaning clothes, Cleaning solution, Buss tubs,  and gloves.  Our servers and wait staff are trained to prep food, serve food. serve beverages, and clean tables as guest finishes with their dishes. 

  • Do you offer bar tending services? 

Yes, we provide bar services. Please schedule a consultation to discuss your drink preferences.

  • What are Event Helpers? 

Our event helpers are one of a kind. Our team make sure that your wedding or event is everything you've imagined. This is perfect for DIY brides or the brides that do not want to take away from their guest experience. We are able to set up, decorate, serve food, host, greet, break down, and clean up the facility. Our goal is to make sure we execute your vision. 

  • What does your Wedding Management Package consist of? 

Our Wedding Management Package is similar to a Day Coordinator.  We meet with the planner or bride to make sure that we are able to execute the vision. We began working with the Bride and/or planner a month prior to the wedding. We visit the venue, meet vendors, come up with a strategic timeline, we are there for the rehearsal, ceremony, cocktail, and reception. Along with the coordinator there will be a team to help oversee everything as well. 

  • Is everyone in your company trained? 

Yes, everyone goes through an extensive training and orientation. We only hire experience and background checked professionals. 

  • Do you cater to smaller and larger events? 

Yes, Our team caters to all events. The team number is determined upon the guest and what you are needing us to do. 

  • Do you require a deposit for services? 

Yes, A deposit is required to secure the date of service. The deposit is depending on the date of your service and which service you are needing. In most cases there is a 50% deposit at the time of booking. Please note that all deposits are NON REFUNDABLE!

  • Do you offer payment plans?

Of course. We offer custom plans according to the service amount and the date of the service. We are more than happy to work with you. Payment plans are set up during the initial consultation. If for some reason you need to rearrange your payment plan, contact our billing department. 

  • Do you supply any supplies?

Yes, when you purchase a cleaning package or serving package. We supply cleaning solution, table clothes, buss tubs, brooms, broom pans, mops, mop pails, floor signs, gloves, drinking pitchers, and serving trays.

  • Does the waitstaff clean as well?

Our waitstaff will clean plates, cups, and utensils off of the tables. We do not touch decor. We will also place food back into the kitchen. We no longer wash dishes. We do have a full cleaning package for that if you need additional services.

How come you do not transport food and decor to the car?

We do not take belongings and food to the car because it is a risk with personal vehicles. We are not reliable for missing keys and we can not keep up with keys. It is too much figuring out whose car is who. Our Cleaning team will pack food and decor and set next to door for easier transporting.

Do the waitstaff serve beer and wine? Why?

They do not serve beer and wine. We have bar serves for alcohol beverages. We feel as beverages need special attention and someone dedicated solely to those needs. Also our server and bartenders are trained differently.